Winter Shelter

Micah operates a winter shelter November through February each year. The program provides a place for homeless men and women to sleep when they would otherwise be outside at risk of freezing to death. Thirty-seven beds are available each night at a 3,000 square-foot building at 750 Kings Highway. It offers separate dorms for men and women, three bathrooms, a small kitchen, a gathering/intake area and a handicapped sleeping space.


• All guests must be homeless.

• The shelter does not exclude people based on criminal history, substance abuse, disability or other mental health condition, unless the person’s behavior becomes a threat to themselves or others.

• There is no maximum amount of time that a guest may use the shelter.

• For safety reasons, shelter guests must ride the bus, drive themselves or come by taxi or police escort

Click here for a full copy of the shelter guidelines


A bus picks up from each evening’s community meal, sponsored by one of the downtown churches 365 days of the year.  The bus drops off at the shelter and returns in the morning to take shelter guests back to town. Drop off is at each morning’s Micah sponsored breakfast.


Upon arrival at the shelter, guests are greeted by a team of church volunteers who set up cots, check people in, and provides a light snack. A paid staff person searches guests and their bags for weapons, drugs, or alcohol.  A second paid staff person remains on site overnight. The cold weather shelter provides taxi vouchers for those needing to get back to town for day labor jobs before the bus arrives to take everyone back to town in the morning.


Case managers conduct periodic visits and outreach at the cold weather shelter. But, generally,  the program is simply a place for homeless individuals to sleep during the winter. Further assistance is provided daily from Micah’s daytime hospitality center on Princess Anne St.