Micah Center

The Micah Hospitality Center, which opened in April 2005, was the agency’s first official ministry. It originally operated from the basement of Trinity Episcopal Church, until it relocated in September 2008, to the current storefront location at 1013 Princess Anne St.


Partners Assisting in Transitions from Homelessness (PATH)Rappahannock Area Community Services Board sponsors a full-time mental health outreach worker who helps homeless individuals with a mental health issue connect to mainstream services. The community’s full-time PATH worker operates from the Micah Hospitality Center.

SSI/SSDI, Outreach Access and Recovery (SOAR): SOAR is a national project designed to help homeless individuals improve access to disability benefits through the Social Security Administration. The hospitality center hosts a full-time case manager who supports disabled individuals in completing these applications.

Journey Assistance Program: Guests with needs beyond basic survival can meet with an array of trained volunteers who can help them troubleshoot the complexities of various community services. Whether the service is offered internally or by another community agency, Micah staff maintains a culture of not just referring guests to appropriate services, they work with them to facilitate their access to those services.


• Bag lunches
• Emergency Food Bags
• Referral to community meals and food pantries


• Physical Address
• Phone access and answering machine


• Showers
• Clothing, socks, underwear
• Shoe replacement
• Hygiene item distribution


• Blood Pressure and Vital Sign screenings
• Nursing student clinics
• Doctor and pharmacy referral


• Service opportunities for guests
• Community building activities
• Traveler’s aid for displaced homeless individuals