Respite Home

Micah’s Residential Recovery Program serves homeless patients who do not meet hospital inpatient criteria, but are too ill to be on the streets. Its purpose is two-fold:

• To reduce recurring emergency room and hospital visits due to illnesses complicated by non-traditional/outdoor housing circumstances.

• To offer alternative accommodations to temporary or terminally ill individuals who would otherwise die or face difficult recovery in outdoor housing circumstances

With the ability to house eight guests on any given day, this program provides a safe, community-based alternative to costly inpatient care. It offers short-term accommodations on a first-come, first-serve basis. Guests receive a nurturing environment for physical and mental recovery and case-managed services that promote individual improvement.  Guests also have access to all of Micah’s day services, which assist with additional case management and basic needs—showers, food, clothing, mail service, as well as transportation to and from outpatient and medical follow-up care.